Onsen Japan - HotSprings

ONSEN Japan - Hot Springs

Japan's famous TV producer shows the real hot springs allaround Japan.

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Don't be cheated.The real Onsen is few.

Onsen or Hotsprings can easily be found if digged so deep in Japan.But the real Onsen,which has incredible goodness to body,is rarely found.


Who is Mr.Komori ?

It is involved as the hot spring of the television program producer for 20 years or more, overwhelmed to the power of the hot spring by a variety of hot spring coverages during long years, it is amazed because of the causal relation of the power and man's bodies, and ..hit of eyes.. has seen mysterious and a lot of phenomena that can be thought. It has known it to be unexpected while will being to peep from the corner to the corner backstage in the hot spring on the other hand. However, viewer's dream is destroyed, and it has sealed it for a long time without forgetting the fact in the fear of trouble reaching the hot spring hotel where the coverage cooperation was done. If wonderful in the hot spring can be recognized again talking about the shank's mare to the truth in this book with the looking reality for a long time, and again, it is great.

It is terrible in the world of an unprecedented hot spring culture.                                           

Japan is an eminent, healthy founding a state also in the world. 70% of the country is and, and, there is four seasons as a turning point of the season in the forest. It adds to it and water is delicious. It is a race who has been valuing forces of nature most.
The race who eats the food culture one seafood by the life very much is unusual. It enjoys delicacies of the season of mountain herbs and farm products, and the race who shows energy to the soil making like this is also few. Farm products that grow up there are now pull from the haute cuisine shop in the world , saying that "Safety" and "It is delicious". Finally, the country began also to make a strenuous effort in these farm products that were able to be captured from an improvement of breed and a fat soil such as the vegetables and fruits that used the blessing of nature by the Japanese to its maximum, spent 30 years only by the soil making, and grew it as "Literary property" of Japan as for this.
Eating habits of Japan are sure to effect an alteration eating habits of the world previously it is years how many. It is good for health, then delicious, and a peculiar secret to the Japanese that makes up food with high commercial value of this concealed though it is because high. It is development of the taste and the sense of touch. Sold water in Edo period and in Japan where the water quality is good. A natural thing has been being valued for a long time. It is because it knows the food of nature is the most delicious.
For instance, slices of raw fish of a natural this tuna that was able to capture it in Aomori print the natural mountain horseradish of Akita, and are outing of all knowledge delicious as for slices of raw fish eat with natural three Ts star from Wakayama. It is a foreigner in Japan that Ma ..drinking.. Susumu of health taught the good in the world. the gastronomic culture in Japan and the wooden architecture

Contents of Booklet

  • Introduction
  • "Hot spring", "Food", and "MANGA" are foreigner's tourist draws.
  • Japan..hot spring..Global warming..prevention..top..runner..healthy..
  • make..Japan..wooden architecture..
  • health enhancement..hot spring..
  • extremely.
  • The value of natural. the hint of the business prosperity is in the hot spring
  • A natural hot spring is only 1%.
  • Hot spring family business that supports economic power Japan
  • If it is because of me whom the baby boom generation is gripping do,
  • the success or failure of the hot spring of the future can become easy feelings.
  • Person winning. With 190 hot spring groups that do.
  • The reproducing hot spring of the hot-spring cure fully : in the city person.
  • The hot spring of the miracle is true.