All knacks were found out by questioning from the old-timer drivers. Then, the method that can be easily mastered also by the beginner is discovered. The content was summarized in the easy-to-understand manual. The effect?It is opening it to the public in the photograph below.

MT_ステッカー.pngThe MT operating method and the method of the practice are covered. The knack of the manual transmission car operation is firmly understood. Therefore, "An wkward clutch operation becomes smooth before one is aware", "It will be possible to graduate from "Gaccn" shift improvement in a short term", and "Come to be able to operate it by settling down mysteriously. ""It becomes good in a moment, and the driving skill with a professional level is acquired. "


Will you be worried without making the driving operation of the manual car good now?
"Why cannot I alone do?""It is ..clumsy.."
・・・How do not you think?

I say first. The worry is imaginary fears.
It is because 80 percent or more masters the operation of the manual car by this program.
First of all, please see the effect.
It instructs you in the program for three days when the knack of the manual transmission car driving operation was brought together for the beginner.

In the manual transmission car capture manual, it is vocal from mastering the manual transmission car.
(The part that relates to knowhow in this manual turns down by ***. )
Please see the page of the voice of "Wish" pleasure to see all the voices.


 Mr. K.Y(Akita Prefecture)

The gear change was surprised for making to "***". It came to be able to do a smooth driving and it did.


070914_0813~01.jpg 070914_0836~01.jpg

Miss. N.T(Saitama Prefecture)
It happily gets on for purchase →AT car release of the booklet on the day at each → of expert of the training school manual transmission car (new car) purchase in the end of February this year. The photograph is a swift of the own car.


It was reported that being training 62 people every these three months graduated, and 16 people who were the driver in name onlys had come daily to drive the manual transmission car.

The favor made the half  Cluch operation smooth.

Was it useful ..this..

The first private car only came last week. It was good in the manual transmission car. It boasts.

(From Mr. Tokyo K.O, Mr. Fukui Prefecture T.T, and Mr. Kanagawa Y.K. )
Mail got the voice of pleasure. (Thank you indeed for Ibaraki Prefecture T.W.)

・・・The voice of pleasure has increased still.

In addition, from the customer of the manual car capture manual
- I got a lot of comments of driving the manual transmission car.
Moreover, I got advice to the first time approach in the future on the driving skill of the manual transmission car.

It is good in this operation. Where is bad?Someone is taught.

Do you also have such a remembrance?

It is not only you that it are worried about driving the manual transmission

Half cluch cannot do smoothly.
It Gicshacs it when starting.
Training than..manual transmission on..throb..disappear..gear.. transmission car..enough..

You that confidence is not popular among the manual transmission car have executed this program like this.

Are you ..your own style.. harpoon as it is many..?

When a strange peculiarity attaches, the driving operation cannot be mended
It is straight to the driver in name only as a result when thinking, "It not suitable for driving?".
If you have just still started driving, it is very good timing.

This Web page becomes a big chance for such you.

Because it answers the following doubts.
"Does how of the manual transmission car to get on have a hard time though remembers why?" and "Do even I come to be able to drive the manual transmission car really?""When it comes to be able to actually drive the manual transmission car, might it be good ..what..?"

Usualness cannot know information introduces here.

It is because it is the one that the practice advice from the active service drivers that drive every day was made a radical.
It is possible to obtain because it is the Internet, and article of original edit.
There is no one explained plainly and politely up to here aiming at only the beginner.
The track and the passenger car : with this one. Foreign-made car..sports one's intention.
You can also enjoy the drive with the manual transmission car.

About the author
The author is an active service driver that came to get on the manual transmission car starting with accidental (a certain accident) through MT paper driver of five years. Feelings uneasiness in the training school and "I want to overcome disliked MT" can be understood to the operation of the manual transmission car very well because it started from a state not confident at all.
The small circle driving advised for by the side and the beginner who made the vehicle transportation an occupation was started up now.
- Contact accident and generation. Report afterwards
- The pattern to which the author masters the manual transmission car is here.
- Impression blog of car"Get on ten times before it buys it. "
Meeting author's manual transmission car. It driving school that received it..
was glossed over in companions and the training camps.

If it gets the license anyway, it is an easy reason for the manual transmission

At first, the difference between the automatic transmission car and the manual
transmission car has not been understood too much well.

"Because everyone can do, I will be able also to do easily naturally. "

Thus, it thought lightly.
However,. Training starts, and it will keep aghast by several-time my clumsiness.

In the training school, the engine stall is fired in rapid succession. The
knack of the clutch operation is not understood.

It did many times in one training time. I cannot count by one hand.

The engine sound till then disappears, and quiets down with Ftsu at the stalling

Pattari stops also in the seat that vibrates little by little at the same time.

Only the lamp with a red oil warning light and battery warning light jumps into

Timidly, a silent teacher when sideways looking.

Instinctively, the hand that grips the steering wheel blots in the sweat.

And, an uneasy presentiment came true.

It has fallen into the first Cari in a clear-cut way. The extension at length-of-stay is decided.

Moreover, all companions who entered a school at the same time advance
previously fast.
"Why might I alone be not able to do so that everyone may drive?" and "If it so
had unpleasant time, is let's given up the manual transmission car license?" It
will be possible to graduate from the training school miraculously in two months
even in such a state.

And, the license of the wish is acquired.

It worked hard a new license and the beginner mark in the hand and it worked
hard at the practice of driving.

Is it however because only the automatic transmission car of home had still
gotten on?

To tell the truth, the manual transmission car complex continued still
The engine stall and the shift "Do it stall no matter why how it did?", "
Why do it Gicshac it when about starting?", "Does the impact 'Gacn' in
the shift up manage not to become it?", and "Being not able to catch up
with the automatic transmission car for the signal dash is why no matter
how it held out" mistakes were repeated. With this, it is unpalatable.

It asked a person well informed, and it looked for the book.

Previously, because the private car (manual transmission car) has been bought, it
is already desperate.

However, the answer wanting it after all was not found.

Even neither the knack of the MT operation nor the method of practicing driving
are understood.

How to get on is not understood, and it doesn't move according to the desire as

It thought the car even was sold off.

"It might be easy. "

Be of only that stalled many times like the lie.

This time, it came to be able to do the more smoothly more interesting.

It is a moment when the knack was gripped so.

To tell the truth, a certain hypothesis was set up in the in one's own way at this time.
Because the clutch operation had been tested, it did.

The day has been driven getting under the wheel glad, existing for either many times.

Knack of gripping it by thinking barely.

However, it is possible to think so only if it thinks at this late date.

"The clutch operation were able to have been mastered soon if it had
taught so at that time", "The person remark and the gear were able to
have changed well if it had said so", and "How much were the nerve and
time uselessly spent only by not only understanding the knack of the
manual transmission car only of it?" You can have to have done in a more
more short time.

The operation mistake is done with the manual transmission car because of
clumsy, and not accustoming.

"Quite, the knack cannot be gripped. "

Only, it is a reason only for it.
Such a voice rises from you often.
Then, no do .." "There is no reason ..knack of the manual
transmission car.. taught in sentences" and certain "After all, the
method of driving is "Learning must become accustomed"".. be knowns
so for ten minutes if it is learnt that it operates it "MT in the
training school.

Driving the manual transmission car is an operation that moves the body.
Therefore, similarly for instance with sports

Be accustomed "" is very important. The tension softens by becoming accustomed,

However, things have the knack and points. Whether do it become good whether to
grip this or not?

It decides. It doesn't necessarily make it to good even if becoming accustomed to
driving the manual transmission car.

As for good consideration, there are as it is a lot of cases, too.

Oppositely, it comes to make it to good on several days as long as the knack
and points of the MT operation are gripped.

The manual transmission car has a lot of detailed knacks. It when you individually
explain each one

Time hangs, and it is confused. It is not understanding of the relation in it.

In the remark, the driver's seat is one. It is not possible to teach by taking
away hands and feet.

Therefore, there was only neither "The manual transmission car became
accustomed" nor a saying way up to now.

However, after collecting all knacks of driving of active service's drivers
including me

The practice order was decided, and the knack and points were able to
be systematized.

The relation of each knack is sequentially clear by the explanation of the knack
of MT.

Therefore, it became what everyone understood as Ston.

In general, the one (driving and sports etc. of the manual transmission car)
remembered by the body :.

1Confirm @ knack, and understand from the head.

There is no mastered road this year when this is repeated.

For instance, when you remember playing golf.

The basis of the coach (Or, person who takes the place of it) is learnt first.

It progresses gradually alone ..practice.. repeatedly afterwards.

It is two stages "1. Learn it" in a word and "2. Practice for myself".

In driving the car, the training school hits "Learn it" of one.

And, after the license is acquired, "Practice for myself" of two will be done.

However, driving the manual transmission car has a point greatly different from
sports etc. here.


"Risk of causing accident"


In sports, the lack of experience only causes free "Miss".

However, it is said, "The accident is caused, and others and I are damaged" in
driving the manual transmission car.

There is a possibility of causing a big situation.

In an acquisition process general now though there is such a feature

There are the following problems. In the training school, when my
practicing after the license is acquired in addition very short the
taught time, information on "Knack" of the manual transmission car is
extremely little and risks are positively higher to remember doing
sports in a word can do nothing but do the practice practice in the
public thoroughfare suddenly.

The magazine like sports and books on capture are few yet.

Even the world of sports : like clearness.

While seeing information on the knack"Practice for myself. "

It can be said most that it is a shortcut and a frontal attack.

Please understand that it is should an originally advanced Omote technique though
it is expressed in the title, "Tip".

About 80 percent or more can actually get on the manual transmission car only by
this booklet.

The impression in purchase is seen.